This is another from the oldie but goodie category. Easily my favorite strategy game of the 1980s, Supremacy was a high-complexity board game in the style of Risk. The players chose a bloc that they controlled — Europe, America, South America, Russia, etc… The game includes an economic track that allows the player to buy and sell resources, or use them for their military. You can build armies, navies, and most powerful of all — nuclear weapons and weapons satellites. The player’s territories provide them with resources per turn, and playing the market can be very important in your ability to keep your fighting forces active and to keep yourself flush.

We often found that players would collude in market manipulation to profit from resource trading. Many would reflexively avoid using nuclear weapons, as 12 of the sinister black mushroom cloud figures on the board means everyone loses (MAD.)

Here’s the board:

There were some good expansions that included submarines and “fortune” (natural disasters, etc. to help keep the market moving), and a few that were less useful (including massive maps and larger units for the wargamers who didn’t like dealing with child choking hazard-sized pieces.)

Some black mushroom goodness:

The goal is to either eliminate the opponent through conventional or strategic war, or bankrupt them through economic means. The average play time is between three and six hours, depending on the number of players. This is not a “hey, let’s just bust out a board game” sort of thing; this is a “let’s spend the day playing Supremacy” sort of thing.

To my knowledge, Supremacy Games is defunct and this is no longer produced. If you find it on eBay, or someplace, it’s a good addition to the pile if you are a board gamer. It’s stuck firmly between the light strategy game of Risk and the heavy sims of SPI and other wargames.