Last night was our weekly game session, this time part 2 of the episode 3 of our Battlestar Galactica campaign. In this, the characters’ vessel Aegis arrives at Sagittaron with the mission to protect an archeological dig and the scientists there from fundamentalist terrorists who want the planetary government to arrest them for blasphemy and suppress their findings. (They have found the remains of a modern city that would have existed 8-10,000 years before Colonial settlement!)

The characters shuttle down a small marine detachment to provide protection, as well as the ship’s chaplain and commander — who will be negotiating with the local government to try and sort the matter out. One of the issues — Commander Pindarus’ father, a famed vet of the First Cylon War, helped suppress a serious general strike 20 years ago…his family name is not a benefit here. They are escorted to the Colonial military base outside of the capital to avoid possibly being shot down by insurgents. On the post, they find out Colonial servicemen are asked not to leave the post, and when they do to travel in groups for their protection. The commandant is adamant about respecting Sagittaron customs off-post; they are looking to avoid another attempted bombing on the place.

The meeting between the First Secretary of the Sagittaron Planetary Quorum and Sagittaron Security Minister went well, although the presence of the spiritual leader of the  Sagittaron Freedom Movement (Tom Zarek’s “defunct” terrorist group) threw a wrench in the works. Pindarus essentially lies to them: they’ll suppress the findings and get the archeologists off planet when their funding runs out in two weeks, and hints that he’s willing to leave it all in local hands, so long as they don’t pop the trigger on the blasphemy charges…the meeting goes well.

Meanwhile, the military protection detail, in civilian clothes, talks their way past a couple of road blocks by local thugs to the dig and set up security, instructing the scientists on how to act, should they be attacked.

The next morning, Pindarus and his brother-in-law (the priest) head out to the dig site and their convoy is attacked in a rather expert way. They lost a few NPC marines that were guarding them, but all the characters got away with minimal injury. The fight sequence was tense until the lieutenant in charge of the dig site security and a couple of PC NCOs arrived to aid them. They have two prisoners they evaced to the ship (breaking a promise to the commandant of the military base not to fly outside of prescribed areas of operations.)

Pindarus is now going to use this to excuse military action to protect the dig and put pressure on the Sagittaron government — which is obviously looking for the easy way out of the issue — to help them shut down the splinter group that has been threatening the dig.

Next week, we’ll be seeing interrogation, politicking, and more trouble for the crew…