The game really picked up tonight. Last week, the crew finally ventured into the dig site on Sagittaron and were met with the obvious remains of a city street. The caverns they crawled through were the interior of buildings that have been calcified from millennia of being under water. They find the flash image of a couple of people on a wall, and decide to isotope test the place for iodine, strontium, and cobalt — with the carbon dating they estimate the site was hit about 10,000 years before colonization! This screwed with the fairly religious characters — it implies that there was human habitation on the Colonies millennia before they arrived.

The chaplain character posited that if the Cycle of Time is true then all of this has happened before and all will happen again. Perhaps there was a cataclysm before the settlement of Kobol; maybe that’s how the Lords of Kobol knew which way to send the 12 Tribes.

Meanwhile the fallout from the attempted assassination of the commander and the chaplain hits — the Sagittaron Planetary Quorum wants answers about military operations that have not been approved on the planet. Pindarus (the CO) biffs the roll to try and calm the situation in a closed session of quorum. Hours later, the archeologists are to be arrested for heresy, and the military forces are ordered to vacate the dig site.

Pindarus decides to remove the scientists, bolster the military guard there, then lights out for Picon HQ to talk to the expeditionary group’s admiral (his boss) and successfully links the find to the ancient mine they found in their first episode — also very old and obviously a human settlement. Now that it is a national security issue, he is able to pressure the government to allow him to secure the site militarily.

While all this is going on, the investigation into the attack on them hits a wall of silence from the Sagittarons who are not aiding them in their search for the terrorists that attacked them. Worse, they have no legal authority to hold their prisoners and must turn them over to civilian authorities for trial.

The stage is set for a show down between the planetary government and the Colonial military unless they can figure out a way to defuse the situation and protect the dig site.