Here’s a pdf of the new, alternate humanoid Cylons for our campaign. Feel free to use, don’t, alter, or do as you will with it. Comments are welcome.

It should be obvious that there is a parallel to the Greek God/Lords of Kobol here (the models might not match my last post on this. Oops.) but they don’t have to be played that way. The Ones and Twos are supposed to be “more equal” than the other models, but it follows the notion on the show that the Cylons do everything democratically.

It should be obvious that I kept certain characters from the new show — the Threes are much like the D’Anna model, the Fours are almost exactly the “Simons”, the Sixes similar to “Caprica/Gina”, the Nines are the “Leobens”, and the Elevens have a bit of the Eights in them. I made a small effort to make the numbers balance where I could at the veteran level (48 attribute/4 trait/68 skill die), with the Cylon package taking away 28 points from the skills (I did the Serenity style 1 to 1 trade for trait/complication die and skill die.) Added complications gave back points for skills. In the end, though, they were built to what I thought would be appropriate for their portrayal in play.