…and here I thought i was done with the BSG-related posts for a couple of weeks.

While looking around for a nifty internal cutaway the inestimable Ice Dragon did (at least I think it was him) on the battlestar Valkyrie (and did not find, by the way), I was looking at his excellent fleet size graphic, comparing the various canon and otherwise vessels and found that my estimate of this class of vessel was smaller than I had originally written up.

So here’s an adjusted version of what I call the Erynis-class (there’s no official class name.)

Erynis-class Light Battlestar

DIMENSIONS: Scale: Spacecraft, Length: 2680’, Beam: 1019’, Draught: 426’, Decks: 17, Crew: 919, Passengers: up to 1000

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d12, Vitality d6, Alertness: d8 **, Intelligence d8, Willpower d10

Initiative: d6+d8, Speed: 5 [SL/JC], Life Points: 18,  Armor: 4W, 4S

SKILLS: Heavy Weaponry d6, Mechanical Engineering d4, Perception d6, Pilot d4

TRAITS: **Early Warning Variant [Has the roll bars seen in Razor] Features a large interferometer wing that gives an Alertness of d10; New Ship Smell d4, Slow to Launch [Complication] d4***

ARMAMENT: Heavy Skirmish-Range Point Defense System [d12W Vehicle-scale], 14 Capital Range Heavy Railgun Batteries [d12W Spacecraft-scale] which can also fire Short-DRADIS Heavy Railgun-Fired Missiles [d12W Spacecraft-scale], 6 Short-DRADIS Nuclear Missile Systems [d12+d4W Spacecraft-scale]

AUXILIARY CRAFT: 18 Vipers, 10 Raptors, 5 Shuttles

*** The Erynis was designed for the primarily modern mission of the Colonial Fleet — piracy and criminal interdiction, and deep-space early warning missions…not Cylon fighting. She only has six launch tubes under her landing bays and either must launch a flight at a time, or launch her other fighters from the launch bays, which takes an extra action to get her fighters into the fray.