The final bit of our Sagittaron interlude sees the ship come under attack by Sagittaron terrorists, who use a resupply freighter of a defense contractor to get inside the flight pod of the vessel, then jump out while inside the pod, doing a ton of damage to the craft. There was a bunch of important scenes: the CAG, who had been running a PT test in the companionway near the entrance to the flight pod has to get his people out safely and seal the section. They lose three pilots and about a half dozen enlisted. The command master chief has to run the damage control board and to keep the fires that are sl]pinning out of control in check, he vents the compartments effected — fast! — and then does an excellent job managing the damage containment from the CIC. The commander has to coordinate getting the ship under control: it’s been knocked into a flat spin and lost enough energy it’s slipping into a lower orbit.

While all this is happening, another (they assume connected) attack on the Sagittaron archeological dig they’ve been defending is aggressed. The MARDET commander has to secure the location and send out skirmishers (led by her gunnery sergeant PC) to gain intelligence and knock ’em down. They finally get support from the local base and air support from Aegis once the characters have everything under control. In the end, they manage to keep the dig site safe.

The ship is headed for Scorpia Yards for repair, so they are pulled off the mission on Sagittaron, which is passed onto the Night Flight battlestar group. But there’s questions unanswered: Where did the ship jump away to and can they find it? Were the dig attack and the attack on the ship coordinated and connected…? It seems unlikely they weren’t. Who stood to benefit from stirring up trouble between the Sagittaron separatists and the Colonial military? It was almsot assured this would go badly for the Sagittarons, and would spur military action…was it a false flag mission?