I was watching the last few episodes of Chuck and there’s a great moment where Sarah says, “So, it’s one last mission.” All the male characters at this point groan and shake their heads. “You never say that!” is the response. Because anyone who’s ever watched a heist-gone-wrong flick, or a spy film, or pretty much any movie or TV show know that when the phrase “one last job” comes up, you’re going to get butt-raped by a mastodon without the benefit of lube.

So to adequately reflect that, I suggest anytime the phrase “one last job…” or some variant such as “Just this last mission and we’re gone…” the GM automatically has, at some key moment, the player reroll a task and take the lesser test. Either that or give them a plot/style/whatever point in advance and them just simply screw them over as part of the narrative.

A variation on this is the “Goodbye, Mr. Bond” house rule I have. If the henchman or villain at some point uses that famed [phrase, you get an automatic style/plot/hero point to use for your cunning escape. The players will often try to get me to say it in a sticky situation, and from time to time I have. The point usually save their lives. You could also do this by GM fiat.