This is loosely based on the mission the group played last week. It’s for a team of four to six spy/military type characters.

Moving on intelligence gathered at Camp Delta from a Russian arms dealer, the team is being put in play to stop the sale of weapons from the bratva (Russian mob) and al-Shahab in Somalia. the method of delivery is keen: the freighter Kapitan Kurila has been “hijacked” by Somali pirates and brought into port in Mogadishu. Their mission is two fold: 1) destroy the shipping container (standard 20x8x8′) with serial number BF20389 and the armaments (including explosives, ammunition, etc.), and 2) capture/kill the arms dealer’s number two guy who is moving into the lead position, Igor Borodin. Borodin is with the deal to do a face-to-face with the al-Shahab #2 Sheik abu Yassou Rouma. Abu Yassou, if discovered, is eminently expendable.

Satellite imagery puts the freighter at the wharf inbound of the southern waterbreak. There’s easy ingress from the sea, but a 50 yard area to cross that will most likely have Somali terrorists hanging around waiting to offload and take possession of the weapons. They can come in from the sea, as well and board on the starboard side, away from the wharf. (Use Google maps — they have a good shot of the area I’m talking about.)

The ship itself is a 300′ Feeder-style freighter with the cargo holds modified to take standard containers, two arranged side to side, with up to four or five stacked on top of each other. There will be a small area to maneuver around the containers to check numbers, gain entrance, etc. The gunwhales of the ship are lower than the main deck, allowing for relatively easy access (EF5 Mountaineering.) There are three holds, searching each will take about 3 minutes, during which time they should have to be careful of the crew of 14 and about 4 of Somalis. An EF6 Demolitions is needed to destroy the container, delivering a DC L to the container, and a DC H to the boat.

The team members looking for Borodin will find him on the second deck of the superstructure in the officer’s wardroom with Abu Yassou, two former-Spetnaz-types, and there is a Somali lookout in the corridor. Six of the crew are in the first level wardroom watching Russian porn and with a good Charisma EF4 can be subdued. There is a man working the ship’s crane, there are three men aiding in moving the containers, and two guards roving. The Somali guards are on the cargo deck with the loading crew. There’s about a dozen ashore waiting for delivery with a couple of pickups they are going to offload into. The sheiks old Mercedes-Benz C class is there, as well.

Any alert and they’ll have the place swarming with the Somalis from the wharf. Ten minutes after a firefight starts, they’ll have more bad guys than they can handle.

They will extract by boat to a waiting submarine.

Have fun…