I took a few minutes last night to try and bang out a characters using the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game from Margaret Weis Productions. (Review here.) Normally, the weakest portion of a supers game, I find, is character creation — to keep game balance players usually have a certain number of points based off of the grandness of the campaign envisioned to work with. You never have quite enough points, or you have to sacrifice concept for more weaknesses or limitations than you might like, and this is understandable in the traditional campaign context where you start out as new heroes…but superheroes tend to pop into existence ready made and ready to hammer bad guys. they’re not on some Campbellian path of the hero.

Now MHR is a bit free form on character creation. There’s plenty of powers, special effects for the same, and a few limitations (that are, of course, marvel-centric like “mutant”), and you have several dozen templates to work from if you want to craft your hero. So I decided to go for a character that was one of an old gaming buddies who was so well liked he’s made an appearance in some variant or other as an NPC in nearly every super or modern game I’ve run. This is as close to the original character (once he had matured to his concept) as I’ve ever gotten.

Jedediah Callahan

Affiliations: Solo d6, Buddy d8, Team d10

Distinctions: Mysterious Origin, Gonzo Inventor, Wealthy Arms Dealer

Power Sets: Unified Organism (Godlike Stamina d12 SFX, Healing: 1PP to clear physical stress, reduce physical trauma -1; SFX, Regeneration: 1PP to regenerate destroyed limbs.) Experimental Weapons (Weapon d8 SFX: Area Attack, SFX: Ricochet, Limitation: Gear, Limitation: May use 1PP to trade in an SFX for another more appropriate one to the weapon. Must roll vs. doom pool as if recovering Gear.)

Specialities: Business Expert, Combat Expert, Science Expert, Tech Master

Milestones: Callahan Industries, Bleeding Edge Tech

History: Jed Callahan hails from Houston Texas. He’s a shortish, scruffy, and colorful fellow with a love of tings that go bang. His father was an aerospace engineer who made a small fortune off of patents and worked at NASA. All his life, Jed has been a tough bugger — he bounces back from injuries incredibly quickly, but with his first major injury — from a car accident that left his 1980 Camaro a twisty, almost unrecognizable ump of metal, his ability to heal has gone into high gear. (He told the police he had been lucky and gotten away with a scratch…he didn’t mention the severed limb that has sintered itself back on.)

He left college early and founded Callahan Firearms, quickly building the company into a respectable arms company, before expanding into military hardware. He earned his BS in his spare time, but has been considered an amateur by the rest of the arms engineering establishment.

He quietly sought out medical specialists that could figure out why he heal so quickly and learned that he is a “unified organism” — all the cells in his body act in concert with each other, reconfiguring themselves as needed. His DNA is definitely not human…but what is he? His father held the key to this knowledge, but has gone missing.

Personality: Jed is a free-wheeling, happy fellow who drinks and smokes far too much…or would if his body couldn’t handle the toxins. He likes fast vehicles, things that go bang (the bigger the better), and other than an unreasonable fear of heights, loves to push the boundaries of what he can do. At heart, however, he’s a south Texas boy, no matter what his DNA might say.

Resources: Jed is the CEO and majority holder in Callahan Industries, which makes all manner of dangerous small arms for militaries around he world. His company also does modifications for vehicles, uparmoring and arming and the like. He has access to a fair fortune (low millions) and anything that CI has in the works. He’s got friends all over, and loads of government and military connections.

So in essence — Jed is a combo of Wolverine and Tony Stark, with a bit of John Caprenter’s The Thing thrown in. His original concept was that, no matter what was done to him, he always survived. He’s not super-strong or even super-smart — his strength is that he keeps plugging away, even when badly outclassed, and