Here’s a few of the house rules traits from our BSG campaign:

Chronic Injury (Complication d2-d10): The character has a chronic injury that effects their performance. A d2-d4 might be a bad knee or shoulder — an injury that effects the character’s physical tests involving that particular area that suffers from the injury. A d6 or higher could be a serious injury or injuries that haven’t healed properly and effect the physical characteristics on tests.

Done It 100 Times… (d2/d4): The character has been through particular types of training, intensively. This might be a constant round of combat flight exercises or heavy practice doing atmospheric reentry and fast landings with marine combat shuttles (applies to Pilot tests), damage control (applies to Mech or Tech Engineering.)

Intelligence Officer (d2/d4): The character is trained in intelligence analysis. They can use the trait on Perception/Investigation and Interrogation tests.

Soft Touch (Complication d2/d4): The character might play tough, but is actually sympathetic to their shipmates or companions. The complication adds to any social tests to convince the character to see things their way.