Here’s a revised version of Jed Callahan (posted a few days back), the first character I built for the game.

Jedediah Callahan

Solo d6, Buddy d8, Team d10

Distinctions: Gonzo Inventor, That the Best You Can Do?, Wealthy Arms Contractor

Power Sets:

Unified Organism: Enhanced Durability d8, Godlike Stamina d12; SFX, Healing: 1PP to clear physical stress, reduce trauma -1 step; SFX, Second Wind: Physical stress to doom pool for a +1 step on a die for the action; Limit, 1PP and shutdown of stamina for mental and emotional tests (applies only to physical tests.)

Brace of Weapons: Enhanced Durabilty d8, Weapon d8; SFX, Lots o’ Guns: 1PP to use any of the following SFX – area effect, ricochet. May only use one at a time and must change as per Gear; SFX, We Need a Bigger Gun: and for 1PP you’ve got one, step up to d10 on Weapon for a turn, then back to 2d6 for the rest of the action sequence; Limit, Gear: Shutdown to gain 1PP, then take action vs. the doom pool to recover. May change the effect SFX at this time (limit four.)

Specialities: Business Expert, Combat Expert, Science Expert, Vehicle Expert; Tech Master


Callahan Industries – 1XP when aiding the government or other client, 3XP when choosing needs of company over others, 10XP when actions put the company or personal reputation and resources at risk.

Dark Secret – 1XP when he pursues the secret of his origin, 3XP if he disregards leads to his origin for the good of others, 10XP if he makes serious headway to unraveling the mystery, or if his “condition” becomes a major issue or plot point.