This one is loosely based on a character I had in a Shadowrun game in the mid-90s. The character is a former Irish fixer for the various criminal factions in Ulster with a hard-drinking, hard-fighting past. She found a strange torc while hiding out from the police in the Irish Republic and found out it gives her some interesting powers. She has recently cleared out of Ireland as she found out just how nasty the torc lets her be.

Dark Mercy (aka Maura Mercedes Laughlin)

Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6

Distinctions: Criminal Past, Irish Temper, Pragmatist

Power Sets:

Torc of Morrigan: Mystic Resistance d10, Sorcery Adept d8; SFX, Afflict: d6 added to Sorcery stunts with a +1 step effect die when inflicting someone with a “bad luck” complication or providing “good luck” to a favored person; SFX, Goddess of War: d6 added to pool and +1 step to effect die to create assets (usually armor or a sword); SFX, Healing: 1PP to recover other or self stress, or -1 step of trauma; Limit, Gear: Gain 1PP when Torc of Morrigan is shutdown; must make action vs. doom pool to recover; Limit, Conscious Activation: Torc shutdown when unconscious, asleep, etc.

Life on the Run: Enhanced Reflexes d8, Enhanced Senses d8; SFX, Focus: Trade 2 dice of same face for one die with +1 step, Limit: 1PP gained when she takes +1 step to effect of emotional stress caused by something from her past.

Specialities: Combat Expert, Covert Expert, Crime Expert


Favor the Hero: 1XP when she first chooses a worthy, 3XP when she aids them in recovering stress, 10XP when she helps place one in charge of a team, or forces him to relinquish command.

Running From the Past: 1XP for her first use of Covert skill, 3XP when her past puts her or others in danger, 10XP when she betrays a teammate to avoid consequences of her past, or allows herself to be punished for her crimes.