After a bit of brain lock on putting together the next “volume” of stories for my Hollow Earth Expedition game, I’ve got a basic plot. The first volume would be best called “Hannibal Drake and the Mellified Men”, this one would probably best be “Hannibal Drake and the Treasure of the Illuminati!” I was really stuck on a good hook, so Runeslinger gratiously kicked me a few ideas that I took, twisted, and voila! new campaign stuff!

The McGuffin is this hazily-defined “Illuminati treasure”: What is it? Where is it? The hook: a politician/gun runner and relative of one of the characters sends a mysterious journal with the research of the Earl of Inversnaid into the McGuffin that suggests the  treasure was entrusted by Baron Kigge to Benjamin Franklin in 1784, after the Illuminiati’s ruling “areopagus” collapsed. It appears to be “safe in the house of the President”…but what president?

The bad guys are the Thule Society, who want access to esoteric knowledge and think that’s what the Illuminati treasure is. They hired the mafia to recover the book, but now the mobsters think this “treasure” could be money…and they want it. Either way, it’s a historical/archeological problem that Hannibal Drake can’t let slip through his fingers!

The settings are the Phoenix Club in London (a follow up organization to the Hellfire Clubs of the 1700/1800s), City Hall and the subway tunnels and secret masonic temples under Manhattan, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the House of the Temple (Scottish Rite temple in DC), and more.

So there’s a good, mostly fleshed out adventure seed. Have at!