With one of the players out for the week (he’s got a big reveal in the upcoming Supernatural session), we shifted to a Battlestar Galactica one-shot last night. The mission was a follow-up to the attack on the ship in the last episode.

The vessel is limping to Scorpia Yards after Sagittaron Freedom Militia terrorists used a revictualing freighter as a weapon, jumping out of the portside landing bay as they were landing and tearing the pod up badly. They get intelligence from a courier raptor that the FTL signature of the ship was spotted by a couple of ELINT/SIGINT trainees at a post near Canceron. The sharp-eyed recruits spotted a ship jump in and change it’s transponder to an Intersun liner, even though it jumped outside the “bullpen” (the companies in my campaign purchase jump areas for their exclusive use to avoid jumping in on top of each other), and flagged the craft. Columbia BSG has a gunstar on route to the freighter’s destination, Aquaria.

They also have intelligence from an investigation on the Colonial military post on Sagittaron from which the attack originated. They have positive IDs on two of the four hijackers of the vessel. One is a Sagittaron Freedom Movement (shut down after Tom Zarek’s arrest and reborn as the Sagittaron Freedom Militia) terrorist, and one is a Colonial officer that spent 5 years in prison for selling materiel to Ha’la’tha criminals on Tauron. Two others are unidentified.

The commander (GM played for this session) sends a small detachment to find and recover the bad guys. they arrive at the Scandinavia-like setting of Skellinsgard, a small city with a municipal spaceport. The freighter is there, and they find the real crew executed (and the supplies for their ship still aboard…) The police aid them in going through possible SFM sympathizers from the Restoration Party — a political party seeking to return to pre-Articles of Confederation independence. They get a hit on a suspected arms dealer with ties to the disgraced colonial officer.

The denouement put them at a snow-bound farm in the boonies, where the hijackers were holed up with the arms dealer and a few of his friends. There was a big firefight with bad guy snipers, countersniping, a grenade launcher that nearly killed one of the characters (BIG plot point expenditures here!) They also found the arms dealer and some local buddies were keeping kidnaped women for “fun”…and food.

Eventually, they only captured one guy, had to cut some bureaucratic wheeling and dealing with the commander of the gunstar (not pleased to have his mission snaked from under him!), and were able to return to the ship, avenged.

It ran swiftly and smoothly, and shows that — when you’re out a player for the week — swapping games for a one-off isn’t a bad way around an absence.