THE STINK! (aka Sofia Rhymer)

Solo d6, Buddy d10, Team d8

Distinctions: She’s Just a Baby!, Intrepid Explorer, Daddy’s Girl

Power Sets:

BABY!!!: Vile @$$ of DOOM! d8 (causes mental stress), Ear-Splitting Wail d8, Superhuman Cuteness d10, Enhanced Chewing d8; SFX, Disarming: 1PP to create a “She’s Too Cute to Kill” complication, SFX, We Have Poo!: 1PP to increase Stink Weapon +1 shift on effect die, but takes a d6 Emotional Stress; Limit, Takes +1 emotional stress when Daddy is angry with her; Limit: +1 shift on mental stress in new situations; Limit: 1PP and shutdown Superhuman Cuteness when d12 emotional stress or more; Limit, Conscious Activation: Ear-splitting Wail shutdown when unconscious or asleep.

Specialities: NONE


Gimme that!: 1XP first time she grabs something of interest. 3XP if she can chew on said object, 10XP if she can destroy an object by chewing or drooling on it.

Learning to Walk: 1XP first time she stands without aid, 3XP when she is able to crawl into trouble, 10XP when she successfully toddles herself into trouble.