Last week was supposed to be the start of the next “volume” of our pulp game, taking place in 1937 New york, Philadelphia, and possibly Washington DC, but a last minute cancellation left me hanging so I ran a Battlestar Galactica episode.

Episode 107 was titled Agent Provocateur: The ship is at Scorpia Yards for repairs after the terrorist attack on her, using a freighter jumping out while in the flight pod as a weapon. The MARDET commander/intelligence officer is going over mission logs from before her taking her position and finds that one of the missing members of a deep-range observation post (from the first epsode) was one of the diggers on the Sagittaron archeological find in a later episode…does he know what happened to everyone? Were they taken by the Cylons, and if so, what danger does he pose?

The commander passes the information up the chain of command, but also informally sends it to his father, the president’s security advisor. Suddenly, he gets tasked with bringing in the man — who was posing as an archeologist from the University of Leonis, but who was actually a Canceron astronomer than worked for the Defense Department — and finding out what he knows.

They arrive on Leonis and Luminere was portrayed as a “city of lights”: elegant, “old world” feeling, and an ancient cultural center. Think a very, very high tech Paris or Rome. They are working with the Colonial Fleet Security Bureau, and their liaison is a baron in old Leonine aristocracy (he family fled to Virgon after they were struck from the civil list.) They find the guy’s apartment, were attacked by his security bot which didn’t call the police, but a cell number they’ve tracked to a woman from Caprica who also seems to have spoofed the credit card numbers of a rich Luminere citizen. They figure out from credit card and phone records that the two are in Hedon — sort of the Monaco of the Colonies.

They are on route to find the two.

The good: the episode brings back an NPC I always liked from our first campaign. One of the players was ecstatic to see her, but they were both happy to see connection in this “reboot” of the old campaign. Another PC turned NPC for this episode was the Colonial Security Services man (originally a character of the commander’s player.) Fan service at its best.

Each episode has been attempting to show more of the colonies and their unique flavor. I’m trying to build a realistic feel for the setting so that when the Cylons show up, there’s a real sense of danger and loss.

The bad: I didn’t have all the player so there was a lot of tap dancing around some of the PC’s roles in the episode. Also, it wasn’t as well planned as I like for investigation-type adventures, so while it’s allowing for more improvisation, it’s also (to me) feeling a bit kludged together.