I was messing about with character creation again and wrote up Matt Wagner’s original Grendel, Hunter Rose:

Affiliations: SOlo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8

Distinctions: Boy in Black, Criminal Mastermind, Famed Author

Power Sets:

Grendel Spirit: Enhanced Reflexes d8, Enhanced Stamina d8, Enhanced Durability d8; SFX, Second Wind: shift physical stress to doom pool; Limit, Fear of Mediocrity/Failure: Hunter Rose gains 1PP and takes +1 shift of emotional stress when he fails at a task.

Grendel Mask/Suit: Enhanced Senses d8, Enhanced Durability d8; SFX, Inspire Fear: spend 1PP to gain d10 to emotional attack, then step back to 2d6 for the rest of the scene; Limit, Gear: 1PP when shutdown of mask (senses) or suit (durability) benefit. Action vs. doom pool to recover; Limit, A Steep Cost: 1s and 2s are opportunities when using Grendel Spirit.

Grendel’s Fork: Weapon d8; SFX, Taser: 1PP to raise damage to d10, then 2d6 the rest of the scene; SFX, Climbing Tool: the fork adds a d6 to acrobatic tests; Limit, Gear

Specialities: Acrobatics Master, Combat Master, Crime Expert, Menace Expert, Psych Expert