I was having a conversation with J over at 1nsomnia.wordpress.com regarding how bringing new blood into a game group can liven up play and rekindle the joy of playing. One of my comments was on the size of his gaming group:

8-10 is a massive group! Most group work is best done in groups of 4-6, studies show — from corporate environment, to fire teams in the military, to terrorist cells — above six becomes unmanageable (in the case of gaming groups, you have less “screen time” for the characters and it becomes hard to manage events); below four (including GM) and any absence can put the kybosh on a session and relationships between players become sometimes too comfortable and the play becomes stilted.

I’ve commented on group size before, but I think this is a nicely succinct take on my opinion regarding group size. Were it me (and it’s not, so feel free to ignore me on this), I would try — if scheduling permitted — to break the group into two. But that’s me, and as always, I could be completely full of shit.

In fact, it’s almost a certainty.