Furious pulp action at last night’s game session: The last episode of this “volume” Hannibal Drake and the Illuminati Treasure saw the heroes finding out Jack McMahon’s uncle had sent them a journal of his friend Lord Inversnaid to protect it from the Ahnenerbe, which had killed both Inversnaid and Uncle Mike in London. Mobsters from the 116th Street Crew of “Tirgger Mike” Coppola had trashed Jack’s apartment and shortly after they were contacts by private dick (that just never gets old) Tom Steele who is working with fellow Mason Deputy Inspector Nigel Moore of the Special Branch. We had left off with them recovering the book from the post office around the corner and mobsters attacking them from both directions.

The fight is immediate this session — a Ford Model C with four baddie, and a Chevy with another four block them at 86th and Central Park West. The fight included Jack doing a tackle though the open suicide doors in the back seat, knocking the mobsters for a loop. He shot up the Ford with a Chicago Typewriter taken from one mook. Tom Steele knocked a guy out with his Colt Detective, and Hannibla Drake dodged fisticuffs only to get clipped by a delivery truck on Central Park. Moore recovered the book and dashed for their escape into the subway.

On the subway platform, they see Moore get pushed into the path of an oncoming train by a female assailant who captured the book and manages to escape. Drake and McMahon get pinched by the cops, but Steele slips away, hits a street surgeon for the bullet wound he took to his leg, and locates the bird, who he heard ordering the mobsters around in an English accent, at the Waldorf-Astoria. He recovers the others after they are released on bail pending their grand jury hearing for assault with a deadly weapon, etc.

At the Waldorf, they surprise the girl and recover the book. they find out she is Ariel Smythe — friend to Uncle Mike (it’s implied a GOOD friend) whom she was assisting with his dealing in Spain (he was selling guns to Franco’s forces.) She is also a friend of the Inversnaid family and wanted to get the man who killed them — Moore — and return the book to the lord’s son. She is able to convince them enough that they don’t just plug her, but drag her along to the library at Columbia to research the book.

The notes relate that Baron Krigge of the Areopagus — the ruling committee of the Bavarina Illuminati — resolved to hide their treasure with their American Freemason cousins before the Hanovarian police shut them down. Letters between Krigge and Benjamin Franklin, then ambassador to France, show that the treasure was secured in the “House of the President”…but what president? They find out that the letter, dated 1784 from Philadelphia, suggests that it must have been the house of then-President of the Congressional Congress, Richard Lee — ancestor of Robert E Lee. Federal Hall is out; it was demolished for a customs house, then renamed Federal Hall as a museum. Could it be Stratford House in Virginia?

they are interrupted by Germans, who knock Jack out and capture Ariel. A shootout in the library after hours ensues and they escape with the girl. The heroes hide out in Hoboken at Hannibal’s mother’s house, then catch the Afternoon Congressional to Washington DC. Unbeknownst to them, the Nazis are along for the ride…

The big questions: Is Ariel everything she says she is? Was Moore the bad guy? How did the Nazis know to head to Washington (Ariel, of course, whether willingly or no…) What they don’t know — it’s a massive red herring. There were other presidents in the US at the time…including the President of Pennsylvania, about to take his position in 1785 after his tenure as ambassador of France.

But they’ll find this out next time.