He’s been mentioned a few times in our campaign, but has yet to show up. He’s the premier Mexican superhero (even though there are stronger, more powerful capes in Mexico), star of the SMA, as well as Mexican TV, ¡Amigo Fantastico!

Solo: d6   Buddy: d10   Team: d8

Distinctions: Everybody’s Best Friend, Infectious Enthusiasm, Showboater


Superhuman Charisma d10   Animal Friend d8   Superhuman Stamina d10   Enhanced Strength d8   Enhanced Durability d8   Enhanced Speed d8

SFX, Dazzling Smile: Add +d6 and +1 step to effect die of Fantastico Charisma to create emotion-based complication or asset; SFX, That Was a Mean Thing to Say: In reaction to emotional stress, he may inflict emotional stress on his attacker with his effect die. 1PP increases this +1 shift; SFX, It’s Amigo Fantastico!: Charisma acts like area effect; Limit, Conscious Activation: Charisma and Animal Friend are shutdown when asleep, unconscious, etc.; Limit, Exhausted: Shutdown any ¡Fantastico! power for 1PP. Use an opportunity or transition scene to recover; Limit, Stalker Bait: 1PP to turn Charisma effect die into a complication for the character.

Specialties: Acrobatics Expert, Combat Expert, Psych Master


A Friend to All: 1XP when he uses Everybody’s Best Friend the first time; 3XP when his Charisma power helps win a scene; 10 XP when he sacrifices himself for others, or abandons them.

Media Whore: 1XP when he first announces himself as Amigo Fantastico; 3XP when a fight he is in is broadcast ; 10XP when he receives public acclaim or scorn for his actions in an adventure.

History: Amigo Fantastico is a popular Mexican superhero who got his start on the luchadore circuit, and his costume is still dominated by spandex fighting tights and a brilliant luchador mask in the colors of the Mexican flag. He is on the tall side, powerfully built, and his face has never been shown in public. Several Mexican gangs have contracts out on him; no one has tried to collect. “The Amigo”, as he is sometimes known, also has done fighting in the SMA in the United States. While not a sworn law officer in Mexico, he is often called on to aid in important law enforcement operations, where his ability to stop a fight before it starts has proven valuable.

He has recently branched out into telenovelas, still in his AF! persona.