I so enjoyed MHR that I decided to pick up the Civil War supplement. (If you have the core book, the essentials series give you the “rules”, as well as a series of adventures to run set in the Civil War comic series; the Premium book includes the “Operations Manual” — the rules set from the core book. The pdf from Drive Thru RPG costs $17.99…and it’s $17.99 I don’t recommend spending unless you absolutely want to run a game in this particular storyline. Otherwise, it’s darned close to useless.

The new “rules” basically allow for troupe play — where you play multiple characters. This mostly involves being able to pool XP for the player, rather than the character. There’s also a bit more on how to use complications and assets.

There’s a load of new milestones, and about 60 or so mooks and supervillain profiles in the various scenes outlined in the scenes. There’s 32 “new” character datafiles…and at least a quarter of them were in the core book.

Layout is gorgeous, writing is solid, and the editing looks to be near perfect — I’m sure it’s lovely in the print version. It’s a 5 out of 5 for style, and the background on the Civil War seems very comprehensive — which was the point — so I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 for that, since it’s focused tightly on the Avengers franchise.

But if you were hoping for a bunch of datafiles on heroes, or major villains, you might be disappointed. The decision to base the line around “events” from the Marvel universe was a serious mistake, in my opinion. They’d have been better off with a heroes and a villains splatbook, then followed it with “event” books. I’m likely to stay away from the rest of the product line, as I’m not interested in playing out existing story lines…even if I wanted to play in the Marvel ‘verse, it would be with stories of our own making.

I have to go with a “don’t buy” recommendation.