Born 21 August, 1910, Jack is the second of six children to Michael McMahon — an influential ward boss and alderman in Manhattan’s Bowery — and his wife, Megan.  His grandfather Thomas, the man who made the family’s fortunes died on RMS Titanic in 1911.  His uncle Robert was tied to bootleggers in northern New York (an open secret) and his uncle Patrick jumped to his death after losing his shirt on real estate speculation and the stock market crash in 1929.  Despite the family’s misfortunes, Jack is an incredibly lucky man.

Jack is handsome, strapping and athletic, and has the depth of a greeting card.  Raised in Manhattan with money, Jack is a city guy with friends and connections throughout the Big Apple, Saratoga, and Washington DC.  He went to private school in Connecticut, where he played basketball (the quintessential white kid’s game), football, baseball, and took boxing lessons.  He attended Columbia University for law, barely graduating with a minor in booze and babes.  His slick personality and charm got him through school, but he hasn’t yet passed the bar.

Living the life of a playboy, Jack is wealthy, but the money’s not as plentiful as it used to be.  His trust fund brings in a respectable $300/mo., he has a Upper West Side apartment with a view of Central Park, and drives a 1935 Auburn 851SC Boattail Speedster (red, of course.)  He has been traveling around the world seeking adventure and dodging real work since graduating Columbia.

Jack has fought train robbers on the Union Pacific, battled ancient sorcerous foes and Chinese gangs in San Francisco, and has fallen in with the Green Gang in Shanghai, where he and former classmate Dr. Hannibal Drake have been exploring China whilst fighting Japanese spies, gangsters, secret monastic societies, and other dangers.

Jack has all the things necessary for a hero: a strong pair of fists, a decent skill with his limited edition Smith & Wesson Registered Magnum (RM#11) and his limited edition Winchester Model 1894 lever-action carbine — both in the new .357 magnum cartridge, and a boatload of style.  Charisma, good-looks, bravery and physique compensate for his mediocre wit and recklessness.  Despite his vapid nature, Jack is great company, a loyal friend, and good in a bar fight (he is Irish, after all…)

Archetype: Adveturer     Motivation: Escape (from the ordinary!)

Nationality: American   Date of Birth: 21 August, 1910   Place of Birth: Saratoga, NY, USA

Height: 6’   Weight: 220 lbs.   Hair: Black   Eyes: Brown

ATTRIBUTES: Body:  3   Dexterity: 3   Strength: 3   Charisma: 3, Intelligence: 2   Willpower: 2

Secondary Attributes: Move: 6   Perception: 4   Initiative: 5   Defense: 6   Stun: 3   Health: 7   Style: 6

RESOURCES AND TRAITS: Lucky 1: Can add +2 die to a test, 2x/session; Robust: added 2 to health at creation; Skill Mastery, Pilot: he is the king of air and sea (in his mind); Status: 1: +1 social tests in US, +2 in NYC; Totemic Weapon, Gladys: +2 if time to aim or 2x range or style pt. gives rapid shot; Tough: added 1 to body at creation; Wealth 1: $300/mo.

FLAWS: Danger Magnet:  Trouble finds you, as does a style point.; Impulsive: Doesn’t think things through…ever.; Not in the Face!: Vain.  Will guard moneymaker in a fight…; Overconfident: What could possibly go wrong..?; Sucker for a Dame:  Girl like Jack.  Girl Lead Jack By Nose.

LANGUAGES: English (native), French (awful), Latin (even worse)

SKILLS: Academics, Law 1/4, Athletics 3/6, Boxing 3/6, Bureaucracy 1/3, Con 3/6 (Seduction 7), Diplomacy 2/5, Drive 3/5, Firearms 3/6, Intimidation 2/5, Linguistics 1/3, Melee 1/4, Performance 1/4, Pilot 3/6, Ride 2/5, Stealth 2/5, Streetwise 2/5, Survival 1/3

WEAPONS: “Gladys” RM#11 Smith & Wesson .357 magnum, Winchester Model 1895 .357 magnum lever action rifle, Winchester M1912 pump-action 12 gauge with heat shield for barrel (copy of USMC issue trench gun.)