The finale of Hannibal Drake and the Illuminati Treasure went off without too many hitches. Drake and McMahon, aided by Lord George Mace, the new Earl of Inversnaid — a man of some cunning and skill, himself — got into the Phoneix Club where one of the thugs from the last episode, Richard Edwards, is manager. Mace is convinced Edwards killed his father and wants revenge. He also wants to collect the treasure for the crown.

The Phoenix club is one part gentleman’s club, one part casino, and one part BDSM brothel — a descendent of the Hellfire Club. They manage to ascertain Edwards is on the premises, but while McMahon is being distracted by one of the “ladies”, Drake and Mace are being knocked around badly by the typical man-mountain thug. the fight included the bad guy throwing Drake across a 20 foot room and nearly through the second story window in one shot. he used the plinth of a statue to knock both men around, and in the end, it took the both of them pummeling on him to drop him.

Once they rescue McMahon from the killer lady of the night, they chase Edwards into the night and nearly get run over by his Bentley 8L limousine. They give chase in Mace’s Bentley 3 1/2 litre with sleek aluminum Rippon Brothers coachwork through Mayfair and Soho, then south to the Strand in the rain. They wound up on Wellington, just shy of the Waterloo Bridge, with the bigger Bentley having lost control and crashing. (Great, exciting chase sequence, this!)

They question the badly injured Edwards, find the location of the treasure, which he’s scheduled for the ahnenerbe agent and his thugs to take aboard the steamer Mary H. Mace gains the aid of the polie and they storm the pier. A firefight ensues in which Drake and McMahon grab a river pilot’s tug and give chase with Mary H. along the Thames, dodging currents and shipping. They finally manage to board the steamer and take it from the crew — mostly mooks.

Having gained the ship and the rest of the Illuminati treasure, and knowing Mace would turn it over to the Crown’s authorities, Drake has Jack take the steamer south to Calais to call in aid from the US embassy in Paris. They manage to arrange transport with the feds, and learn through Major Hall (still in London!) that US officials have tracked Ariel Smythe, the woman that double crossed them and probably killed Jack’s uncle, has landed in Lisbon, Portugal.

With the treasure safely on route to Washington and the their business in London done, Drake agrees to help McMahon track Smythe down in Portugal.

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