This is the pistol from the miniseries and season 1 of Battlestar Galactica. The producers wanted a futuristic-looking handgun, but one recognizable as a firearm not a laser. The “Colonial clamshell” as David Eick called it, was a Smith & Wesson 686 .357 magnum dressed up to look like some kind of autoloader, and had an underbarrel rocket/grenade launcher like on the FN57s they used later. (The reason for the switch was that the original pistol was barely functional and had to be broken down to be reloaded; the FN allowed for more realistic action, looked futuristic, and allowed them to burn up the huge 5.7x28mm blanks stores SciFi had from Stargate: SG1. So, going off of the basics, here’s my take on the CAL “Warrior” pistol:

CAL “WARRIOR” .36 magnum

At the beginning of the Cylon War it was obvious that the heavily armored centurions required more firepower than most traditional sidearms of the various colonies could provide. Most were almost underpowered for humans, much less killing machines — 5.7mm, 9mm, .45…  Various weapons were employed by the Colonial Fleet for the first half of the war but two pistols surfaced as the main sidearm for pilots — the Warrior by CAL of Caprica.

The Warrior is an electronic fired, magnetic-assisted .36 magnum which fires a 170 grain bullet at close to 1400fps by the time it leaves the barrel. The bullets are steel-cored with a hard tungsten tip that makes the round highly effective against hard armored target, and which would cause the bullet to break apart explosively in the target. A underbarrel single-shot 10mm rocket launcher was added quickly to provide a bit more punch when the .36 was ineffective — a system that translated to the new Picon 5-7, currently the main service pistol.

The Warriors were very powerful, but finicky weapons with a complicated loading gate system that allowed for six shots, which would then have to be unloaded through the same gate, one round at a time.

CAL “Warrior” .36 magnum   Type: Revolver   Damage: d10W (Special: 1/2 Armor ratings)  Ammo: 6   Range: 15 yards (Rocket launcher, 10mm minirocket   Type: breechload   Damage: d2d6W (1/2 armor ratings)   Ammo: 1   Range: 20 yards)