Tonight’s episode was more of an interstitial episode, rather than a push episode (one that moves the main plot arc along.) In it, the character were conducting a shakedown operation to test the repairs to their vessel in a lead up to a few small combat exercises. Of course, they wind up getting dragged on mission to conduct a rescue of a salvage vessel being aggressed by an unknown pirate.

The salvage vessel has been hit hard, has its life support failing and fires aboard, requiring the ship to send a DC party. They do the necessary repairs, but not before the master chief leading the mission finds himself in the middle of a fire (something that terrifies him) that leads to a hull breech. After crapping himself, getting rescued by a raptor, he’s back into the repair fight.

The CAP, meanwhile, had raced to the hostile vessel — an older flatop like seen in the show — which jams DRADIS and other targeting with jiggers and sparrow; very unusual! Normally, they just run or jump away. Worse, they’re armed with light railguns and a point defense system. The fighters knock it around a bit, but the commander character finally has enough of the nonsense and pops a shot of anti-ship missiles. The flatop gets hammered for heavy damage, and surrender.

Turns out they stayed in the fight because the salvage vessel had very valuable cargo: 50 MTn MIRVs salvaged off of a derelict basestar from the first war.

One element (and a bit of freshadowing) I threw at them: the first rollout of the Command Naigation Program, which the XO describes as a beta, not real finished product. The CNP works alright, except it can’t talk to their Owleye sensor pallets (they have the rollbar version of Valkyrie)… they wind up finding a way to bypass the problem. Savvy players now know we’re getting close to the time of the miniseries.