There’s the usual “You’re on a desert island, what 10 RPG books do you bring with you?” meme running through the interwebz. I decided to play along. Unless my desert island has power outlets and wifi connections for my iPad so I don’t have to choose, here would be the ones I “need”:

1. Victory Games’ James Bond: 007 RPG. Or at the very least, the GM screen, which is almost all you need to run the thing.

2. Margaret Weis’ Cortex corebookYou can pretty much run anything with it.

3. Margaret Weis’ Marvel Heroic RPG. My new go-to supers system.

4. R Talsoran’s Castle Falkenstein. With our house rules for combat, it’s a pretty solid game engine.

5. GDW’s Space: 1889. Combine it with the above and you’ve got a good setting and decent rules.

6 & 7: Exile Games’ Hollow Earth Expedition and Secrets of the Surface World (the period sourcebook with lots of nice rules addendums and gear updates.

8 & 9: Decipher’s Star Trek Narrator and Players Guides.

10: Margaret Weis’ Serenity. Used in tandem with the core Cortex book, you add some good, but very abstract, rules for spacecraft.

Notice the glaring omission of fantasy stuff..?

What’s yours..?