That  almost sounded dirty, didn’t it? I took Trixie, the new Triumph Thruxton (named for Speed Racer’s girlfriend) in to get her fender taken off and replaced with an under the seat cat’s eye LED tail light. The turn signals were moved, as well, and mounted on the shocks — they, and the turn signals up front, are British Custom’s brused chrome bullet lights. Next, the mirrors are going in favor of smaller bar end mirrors. The napoleons she’s got now are just to clunky. After that, the fender is going to get the triple stripe on the rest of the bike to complete the look.

Here’s she is:

UPDATE: Ooo… I found the style of mirror I was looking for, and adjustable levers from Dime City Cycles for cheaper than I could buy either a set of levers or mirrors from the local joints. I jut might have Trixie finished sooner than I thought…