This week’s game would be called a “push episode” in TV vernacular: there was some movement forward on the various plots that have been coming together. The characters raided a Ha’La’Tha safe house in an old steel mill in the former industrial sector of Caprica City. Their target was Sio Faras — the local boss for what appeared to be a major crime cell connected to the attack on Commander Pindarus (the series”lead”) and to Ceros Grama, a powerful lobbyist for an educational foundation with tied all over the colonies.

The action sequence was quick, violent, and was the new player’s first encounter with Cortex combat rules. In the end, they had several of the baddies on the deck and Faras in custody. Fearing that she might be “lowjacked” like other Cylon agents they had tried to nab, they had two raptors on station — one to provide jamming, the other to do an extract to an isolated military location…in this case, the battlestar Galactica in high orbit.

They were able to interrogate the prisoner and while she didn’t give up much willingly, they were able to break down her sotry and find out 1) she worked for a Brigadier Davos — one of the last of the HLT commanders to be arrested (a few eps back), 2) She knew she was working for the Cylons, was terrified of them, and that the Cylons were using Tauronese desire to be out from under Caprica and Colonial thumbs as a means to motivate the crime syndicate. (They did not ask if she was a willing participant in the plot. She’s not.) 3) They were able to successfully CAT scan her head and find the cybernetic implants in her head — some kind of CPU near the medula oblongata with leads into her sensory-motor region of the brain, as well as her amygdala and pain centers.

They speculate she is a human “camera” — a probe that the Cylons can collect data through, either passively or through induction of pain/pleasure/whatever. They also have the connection they need to move on Grama legally, and they now know to turn their attention to this Davos guy.

Next episode promises to be more of the same, and I have a few surprises in store for them. (A few same decisions opened opportunities for me to seriously screw with them. I think I’m taking them.) All in all, the tone — of paranoia and Cold War machinations — has been holding up to extended play and as they realize how entrenched the Cylons are, the stakes are getting higher.