I’ve been watching Blood & Chrome, and on the whole I’ve enjoyed it. I have a few quibbles about seeing some of the ships from the Exodus period — Valkyrie and the Berzerk, for instance; I would have assumed these newer vessels from the big deal they made about Galactica‘s age in the miniseries and the assumption that there would have been some advance in ship design from the war to the Cylon attacks. Okay, fanboy moment over!


[Sizes very very approximate based off of a screen cap or two…] Class: Orion   Type: Heavy Cruiser   Scale: Spacecraft   Length: 1250′   Beam: 300′   Draught: 290′   Decks: 9   Crew: 150+pilots

ATTRIBUTES: Agility: d6   Strength: d10   Vitality: d6   Alertness: d8   Intelligence: d6   Willpower: d8

Secondary Attributes: Life Points: 18   Initiative: d6+d8   Armor: 3W, 2S   Speed: 6 [SL/JC]

SKILLS: Heavy Weaponry: d4, Mechanical Engineering: d4, Perception: d6, Pilot: d4

TRAITS: DRADIS Absorbant Hull d4 [adds to difficulty to spot]

ARMAMENT: Medium Point Defense System [d10W Planetcraft scale, Skirmish Range], 12 Medium Spacecraft Scale Railgun Batteries [d10W, Capital Range], 8 Missile Tubes [d10W Medium Spacecraft scale, Short DRADIS Range], 4 Nuclear Missile Tubes [d12+d6W Spacecraft scale, Short DRADIs Range]

AUXILIARY CRAFT: 10 Vipers, 6 Raptors, 2 Shuttles

This is a best-guess Osiris from the Blood & Chrome webseries.