One of the readers asked for some clarification on some of the traits that I’ve used in some of the material for the BSG game. One thing — one the pdfs, a red colored trait is a flaw. Here’s the clarifications:

BIOMECHANICAL (Asset, d2-d6): The vehicle is a combination of the biological and mechanical. It can repair itself over time, with Stun repairing as per characters at a point an hour or rest; Wounds, however, take much longer — a wound point is repaired per week, once the craft has passed it’s RESISTANCE test (VITALITY+VITALITY) and begun to heal. Most modern Cylon craft will have this.

CONSTRUCTION FACILITIES (Starship asset, d2-d6): The vessel can construct the number of planetcraft equal to its die rating a week (assuming it has the materials to build the craft in question. At d6, the machine shops are so good that with the proper raw materials, parts and vehicles can be constructed.

DIFFICULT TO REPAIR (Complications, d2, d4): The vessel is either overly complicated, has parts that are uncommon, or in some other way is a royal pain in the butt to keep running. This adds to repair and maintenance tests difficulties.

ENHANCED PERCEPTION (Spacecraft Asset, d2, d4): The vessel has its DRADIS and other sensors acting together as an interferometer to increase the acuity of the sensors. Add to vessel perception tests.

FAST THROTTLE (Asset, d2, d4): The vessel is particularly quick off the line, accelerating or decelerating faster than most vessels. In a chase, this is added to the operator’s test to flee or catch a vessel.

HANGAR QUEEN (Complication, d4): This vehicle is either a bad design, a Monday-morning build, or is beautifully designed and constructed, but finicky as hell (think a Ferrari…start it up and you need a valve job.) Anytime the vehicle is used it requires a Mechanical Engineering/Maintenance or Repair test, or it incurs d4S.

LIMITED SCANNING ANGLE (Complication d2, d4): The vehicle has some kind of blind spot in its visibility or scanning systems, and adds to the difficulty of perception tests by the vessel or its user.

MODIFIED AI (Asset, d2-d6): Cylons often find it easier to retrofit existing Colonial vehicles with a biomechanical brain and control systems. This means previously “dead” machines can operate independent of a crew (but still require maintenance from one.) If an enemy could destroy this “brain”, they could once again use the vehicle.

NBC HARDENED (Planetcraft Asset, d4): The vehicle is pressurized higher than that of the surrounding air to keep out nuclear/biological/chemical hazards. It is also constructed to minimize radioactive exposure.

SHORT RANGED (Spacecraft Complication, d4): The vessel is not designed for deep space operations and has neither the fuel, air, nor victuals to operate beyond up to an SU from its base of operations.

SLOW RESPONSE (Spacecraft Complication, d2-d6): The vessel either does not have magcat capabilities or they are limited (as in the Erynis-class.) At d2, only half of the fighter complement can be launched at a time, d4, a quarter, and at d6 a tenth of the fighter complement per turn. (I’m thinking of getting rid of the d6 and making this a d2, d4.)

SLOW THROTTLE (Flaw d2, d4): The vehicle is too heavy, underpowered, or suffers from some other design flaw that makes it slower to handle than other craft. This adds to the difficulty to flee or catch another vessel in a chase.

STEALTHY (Personal or Planetcraft Asset, d2, d4): The design of the craft, the color, or the DRADIS absorbent paint makes it had to see or scan for. Add the rating to the difficulty of to spot the vehicle.

WORKHORSE (Asset, d4): The thing is built to last. Mechanical Engineering/Repair tests have a step up to the skill die, it’s so easy to maintain.