I posted the production notes for Blood & Chrome that were up on Facebook a few days ago, and have finally had time to compare them to notes on how a battlestar group might look I drew up a few years ago. So here’s my take on a miniseries-period battlestar group (BSG.)

Going with the idea that there are 12 “main battlestars” or “heavy battlestars” (I’m using the former term), one to do CAP on each colony and the surrounding shipping space, this would be the usual wartime battlestar group. Figure they’re rarely more than half strength, with half their number on temporary or detached duty.


A combat-ready battlestar group consists of a main battlestar (Mercury, Minerva, or Columbia-class) and its attendant air group, 2 light battlestars (Erynis [Valkyrie] or Berzerk-class) and their air groups, 2 support escorts of Vanguard-class — one hospital, one an aerospatial assault unit, 4 assaultstars (Cygnus or the older Orion-class), 2 replenishment tyliers (pronounced til-i-ers; replenshiment oilers in the wet navy carry fuel, but also other supplies. They would be the refinery ships from the series), a combat support vessel (a repair ship like the Flatop from the series), and two victualing ships (basing on Blood & Chrome, these are the Celestra-style freighters.)

Assuming the support vessels are mostly civilian/merchant marine, that’s roughly 10 ships a BSG or 120 capital ships…which seems about right with Starbuck’s comment about the initial losses in the miniseries.

Considering how expensive and time-consuming peace time construction of these ships would be, I think 120-150 ships is about right.

Next off — nomenclature. I figure a battlestar is always a “group” (BSG), as per the patches in that they have an air group aboard. Any ships attached to, say, Galactica might have their own ship patch — say an escort named Diomedes is attached for longer than temporary duty to Galactica — the patch would read “Battlestar Diomedes” (or whatever you want to call your escorts; I call ’em gunstars if they’re cannon heavy, assaultstars if they’re missile heavy) and the bottom of the patch would be BSG-75, even if Diomedes herself was BSG-12, say. On her own, she’s BSG-12. (Hey, you have to keep the guys that make uniform patches in business…)

Any “battlestar” with an air group of any size is a BSG, otherwise, it’s just BS (that would be the assaultstars and gunstars.) Support ships would have registrations like DD (for the escorts like Vanguard [I’m going off of the numbering on the model for that particular ship; do whatever you feel like), RT for the tyliers, CSV for the combat support ships, and SV for the victualers.

Figure the battlestar groups during peacetime are broken up and doing missions throughout colonial space — light battlestars doing interdiction work, hospital ships aiding in disaster and humanitarian support. Escorts would also be doing policing, but would also cover the hospital ships and civilian contractor vessels doing deep space exploration, etc.