Most of these aren’t canon, but were cobbled together for our Battlestar Galactica campaign. Added them to the Twelve Colonies document in the RPG section of the site, as well.

Pancolonial Political Holidays:

Armistice Day Junius 21 — Colonial government holiday

Colonial Day Sextilus 8 — Colonial government holiday

Colonial Fleet Birthday Sextilus 12 — Military “holiday”

Pancolonial Religious Festivals:

Bacchanalia Martius (last weekend) — big drinking holiday, arts, celebrations to Dionysus.

Thesmophoria Aprilius 17 — Mostly a “women’s” holiday in cities. Big in farming communities. Honors Demeter.

Diasia Junius 6 — General Colonial government religious holiday.

Olympic Games Junius, second week every four years. Sporting competitions honor Zeus.

Panathenea Games Julius, first week every four years [midway between Olympic Games. Military-oriented sports competitions; honoring Athena.

Thargella Sextilis 19 — Celebrates Apollo.

Exodus Novilis 1 — Celebrates the tribes’ leaving Kobol. Probably not the real date.

Mars Day Novilis 11 — Celebrates Colonial veterans.

Saturnalia Decilus, last weekend. Festivals, parties, noted for costumes and masks.

Traditionally, the rich and poor, aristocrats and servants traded places for a day.

Posidea Decilus 26 — Honors Poseidon. Horse racing on Leonis, Picon, and Virgon.

Apaturia Febrarius 14 — Known as Eros Day on Caprica, honors Aphrodite.

Colony-Specific Holidays:

Arelon: Thesmophoria, Aprilus 17 — Honors Demeter. Farming fesitvals, known for drinking.

Independence Day, Septimus 12 — Celebrates the independence from Virgon.


Aquaria: Hermaia, Decilus 11 — Honors Hermes. Practical jokes, hospitality to travelers. People put out herme, small phallic stones, to bless those traveling.


Canceron: Eleusina, Sextilus 15-18 — Celebrates the mysteries of death and rebirth.

Democratia, Septimus 21 — Celebrates the creation of the Canceron global government.

Independence Day, Septimus 12 — Celebrates independence from Virgon.


Caprica: Hyacinthia, Ianarius 17-19 — Three day holiday celebrating aspects of Apollo.

Eros Day, Februarius 14 — Apaturia on most other Colonies.


Gemenon: Heraea, Martius 10 — Honors Hera.

Diasia, Junius 6 — General thanksgiving day to the gods.


Leonis: Daphnephoria or “The Hunt”, Aprilus 22-24 — Hunter’s weekend.


Libran: Athenaia, Julius 28 — Known for sporting and craft competitions.


Picon: Pohoidaia, Decilus 28-30 — Horse and boat races dedicated to Poseidon. Picon’s version of the Posidea.


Sagittaron: Lycaea , Novilis 12-14 — Honors Zeus.

Freedom Day, Octilus 29 — Celebrates independence from Leonis.


Scorpia: Dionysia, Maius 3 — Celebrates Dionysus. Best known for wishes hung on trees.

Saturnalia, last weekend of Decilus. — People change roles, wear costumes, etc. Popular vacation draw to Scorpia.


Tauron: Enyalia, Junius 14 — Celebrates Ares. Known for impromptu bouts of fisticuffs.

Our Day, Martius 2 —  Celebrates the independence from Virgon.


Virgon: Hestaia, Octilus 10 — Worship of Hestia, involves parties at home.

These holidays use our campaign specific date system:

The months of the year are as follows (assuming Sextilis is the sixth month, the year starts with March): Martius/01, Aprilus/02, Maius/03, Junius/04, Julius/05, Sextilis/06, Septimus/07, Octilis/08, Novilis/09, Decilus/10, Ianuarius/11, Februarius/12.