Here’s a few trailers for movies that look like they just might be worth seeing…

The first is Gangster Squad, about Mickey Cohen in 1940s Los Angeles. It was on my to go list (Emma Stone!) until I saw Sean Penn. 1) Terrible actor, 2) terrible person whose insistence on shoving himself into the international political scene means I won’t even borrow a movie he’s in to watch.

Say what you want — I’ve been a fan of the Die Hard franchise since the first one. (Still the best Christmas movie ever!) Was the last one over the top? Yup. I still enjoyed it. This one had me at the “007 of Plainfield, New Jersey” line, and it was cemented with the exchange in another trailer — “You want a hug?” “We’re not a hugging family.”

Not a big Steven King fan. An ever bigger not a fan of the movies based on his stuff (although I like Christine.) But I have to say — Chloe Moertz? The girl can act, and Julianne Moore as the crazy mom might just be worth the price of admission.

Not a big fan of the Couchjumper, but this looks pretty good. Just so long as he does battle Zenu…

Getting the way too serious vibe off this one, but the first one is arguably the best Marvel film out. (I’d say it’s a tie between X-Men: First Class and Captain America.)

It looks like this is the background characters from Knocked Up. The iPad scene is so me.

I’m not sure this isn’t already out, but it looks wonderful. Ernest Borgnine saving his old folks home. I’m in.

The list should be notable for what trailers aren’t on it — Star Trek: Into Darkness for one. I wasn’t a huge fan of the JJ Abrams short attention span version of Trek, no matter how much it needed busted out of a rut. The story was awful and the whole gigantic spaceships turning on a dime thing is old…but the characters and performances were great. Also not here, The Lone Ranger. Johnny Depp doing another quirky character. No amount of Bruce Willis or the Rock is getting me into GI Joe: Retaliation. I couldn’t stand reading The Great Gatsby — I’m not watching DeCaprio in a movie based on it. Man of Steel‘s trailer left me a bit cold.