Last week saw a shift in our Battlestar Galactica game from the going on aboard the battlestar to civilian characters on Canceron. The former CSS agent, Chaplain, has been cleared of Cylon influence, but he is unlikely to ever hold a clearance or a government position. It’s been a month of recovering from the brain surgery that took out the Cylon CPU and transceiver in his head, but Chaplain is damned if he’s going to sit on the sidelines. We got a nice scene of his with a mind map he’d made from what he remembered from the cases he was working against the Cylons — printouts, 3×5 cards, pictures, etc. joined with colored twine to mark relationships.

He hits the Technology Futures Conference in an attempt to make contact with Gaius Baltar, one of the subjects of interest in his research. He links up with another character, Dar Arris — troubleshooter for Vergis Corp looking into their latest operating system roll out guaranteed to make people’s lives better by networking your smartphone, computer, home electronics, Home Robotics robots, etc. He’s discovered there are strange bits of code that won’t compile, the updater points to unusual addresses. He brings it up with his boss, who kicks it up the local HQ. The VP in charge of developing the new OS is another of Chaplain’s suspects.

Eventually, they go over the code, the subject of hacking, what the Cylons could be up to, and the implications of the Vergis executive being connected to them. The two decide to team up and investigate the situation. The night ended with them walking in to find Arris’ boss tied up and three armed men in the room waiting to kill Arris. Chaplain takes a shot at a giant “the Rock”-like man who dodges the headshot at point blank range and proceeds to punch him in the chest and across the room.