Arsenal Arms created a “ballistic knife” — a combat knife with a six shot .22LR revolver cylinder inside the handle of the knife. The gun is actuated by turning a portion of the trigger, which levers up and for every squeeze, a round is fired. Some of the game stat stuff is conjecture based on videos on the web, as I’ve not actually seen one of these. The trigger looks very heavy and awkward, so accuracy is going to suffer severely. The cylinder looks like it might be off the NAA pocket revolvers, so you can probably carry an extra cylinder (if you can figure out how to keep the rounds in, and hot swap the cylinder. Reloading looks like you’d have to take the cylinder out, knock the rounds that don’t fall free, out, then feed and replace the cylinder before closing.



PM: o  DC: +2   CON: +1   DRAW: 0

(as gun) PM: -1   S/R: 1   AMMO: 6   DC: D   CLOS: 0-1   LONG: 3-6   CON: +1   JAM: 97+   DRAW: 0   RL: see GM information… COST: ~$2000

GM Information: the RS1 is designed to be a last ditch weapon, so reloading was not a priority. To hot-swap a cylinder, the reload time can be dropped to 3 rounds, to feed the cylinder in the weapon new rounds takes 5 rounds.

(Ed. If anyone has one of these and care to correct me on elements of the function, etc., please do…)

Here’s some vid of the thing in action: