Yes, the game is defunct. I still like it. And one thing i noticed wasn’t present in the otherwise excellent modeling of the comic book style is knockback in fights or throwing things. Anyone familiar with Fate will now tell you the answer (as I’m about to…otherwise, I would be writing this): it’s a Complication. You want to have the Hulk run into a bad guy and knock him through a building? The Complication is “distance” and the you probably need to throw a plot point and add another effect die for damage to the building to put the target baddie through it.

Similarly, if Captain America wanted to toss a Hydra bad guy over a railing into the water below, it’s a Complication — say, Out of the Fight d6. To get rid of the distance complication, they would have to do some kind of run/climb/fly/movement action with the effect die knocking down the complication.

There you go — now start knocking the bad guys around!