So, we finally had a chance to play another session of our pulp campaign I’ve titled Thrilling Action Stories! after a two week hiatus to visit family in various parts of the country.* We had started off the campaign with the McGuffin — a death jade that apparently belonged to the first sovereign emperor of China — which was used in a summoning to better effect than was expected. The host of the summoning was temporarily taken over by the spirit of the emperor, but this was interrupted by the arrival of a bunch of black-clad martial arts types that killed the possessed man and stole the jade.

Fights and car chases ensued, and the characters eventually did a bit of sleuthing that led them to a warehouse in Limehouse (the Chinese district at the time of the game, 1936.) With the aid of a rival gang, they were able last night to raid the warehouse. There was a quick bit of wushu vs. gun play action and the heroes discovered the major henchman of the piece — a captain of the Si-Fan Triad named “Terrible Blade.” After a bit of chop-socky, they pursued the villain into the damp, dank catacombs below the warehouse, where the villain released a trio of black-skinned, pale eyed “Creature from the Black Lagoon”-style monsters.

The heroes destroyed the monsters by using a convenient barrel of gasoline used for the hoopcycles from the aforementioned car chase and a few well-placed shots from a Mauser .30 to blow the critters (and, very nearly, themselves) to kingdom come. Another chase sequence led to the capture of the jade.

After a night in jail and the intervention of MI5 and the Colonial Office, the characters have been hired to return the jade to the Nationalist government in Nanking — more to get them out of London and put to bed any talk of amphibian monsters, possessed academics, and Chinese gang activity.