I thought I’d take a shot at writing up a few characters from various Hollow Earth Expedition campaigns in the new Atomic Robo RPG by Evil Hat:


This character started as a joke and powered a cool half dozen or so adventures. I have his stats for HEX somewhere around here, but couldn’t find them quickly, so you’ll have to take my word the character design came out pretty close to that of the original. The character was a WWI flying ace who gets turned into a gorilla by accident while fighting Nazi scientists in Africa.

Concept Aspect: Human Trapped in a Gorilla Body

Good Mode +3 (Gorilla) — Aspect: Created by Nazi Science; Provoke +5, Athletics +4, Physique +4, Notice +4, Tooth and Claw +3

Fair Mode +2 (Action) — Aspect: WWI Flying Ace; Vehicles +4, Combat +3

Average Mode +1 (Banter) — Aspect: If they like you, you’re not a freak… ; Will +3

Omega Aspect: Might as well enjoy it…

Stunts: Barnstorming: +2 to create an advantage w/ vehicles when flying; No Time to Bleed: use will to defend against physical damage when a consequence is involved; Look Out Below!: +2 to overcome w/ athletics when swinging or jumping; Terrible Growl: Use Provoke for defending vs. fear attacks; Vincetti Sportster #1: +2 to vehicles when flying his VS#1

Physical Stress: 5   Mental Stress: 5


One of the more popular characters of our last Hollow Earth campaign was Jack MacMahon — a son of wealthy New York Democrat Party operatives, Columbia trained lawyer who couldn’t pass the bar, and showy womanizer. He evolved into the super gun bunny rich boy who wasn’t stupid, but had the sense of…well, a really stupid person. Again, a very close match to the HEX character.

Jack MacMahon

Concept Aspect: Handsome, but Thick Man of Action

Good Mode +3 (Action) — Aspect: Not in the Face!; Athletics +4, Notice +4, Provoke +4, Combat +3, Physique +3, Vehicles +3

Fair Mode +2 (Banter) — Aspect: Winning Style & Boatloads of Style!; Contacts +3, Deceive +3, Empathy, Rapport, and Will +2

Average Mode +1 (Intrigue) — Aspect: Sucker for a Dame ; Burglary +1, Stealth +1

Omega Aspect: Trust Fund Baby

Stunts: Friends in High Places — +2 to rapport in high society functions; Betty and Carla, his S&W Registered .357 Magnum (#RM11) and his Winchester 1897 .357 magnum (#002): Weapon 2; Stupid Is What I Do — +2 to overcome with athletics when difficulty is Good or higher. Two left to set.

Physical Stress: 4   Mental Stress: 4


And the “lead” for our current HEX campaign:

Thomas Drake

Concept Aspect: Disreputable Archeologist

Good Mode +3 (Science) — Aspect: Little More Than a Tomb Raider, but… ; Archeology +5, History +5, Notice +5, Geology +4, Will +3

Fair Mode +2 (Intrigue) — Aspect: It’s a Cut-throat Business…; Athletics +3

Average Mode +1 (Action) — Aspect: Good Man in a Pinch; All at +1

Omega Aspect: Fortune & Glory!

Stunts: Not If I See You First — Use notice for stealth when target has not seen you; Best in a Dirty Business; Hoopcycle — +2 vehicle tests when using the hoopcycle; 2 left to set

Physical Stress: 3   Mental Stress: 4