I noticed that one of the big search terms that was bringing folks here had to do with the Colonial Warrior pistol vs. the M6C personal defense weapon from the Halo franchise. I will admit to never having played Halo, but the design work is lovely. So here you are, people who were looking for the M6C:

Misriah Armory M6C PDW

This handgun is the standard sidearm for the UNSC Marine Corps. It is a semi-automatic, striker fired 12.7x40mm, recoil-operated handgun. The ammunition used is the M229 semi-armor piercing hollow-point.


Cortex stats:   Damage: d8W   Range: 20 yards   Ammo: 13   Cost: 2000

Editor Comments: This is a nice design, but there are a few issues that pop up immediately. 1) It’s not going to be recoil-operated — the .50 round described (more powerful than the .50 Action Express at 12.7x33mm) would be far too powerful for blowback or rotating operation. It would be gas-action, like the Desert Eagle with heavy rifle springs for the recoil. It would be much larger than it appears to be portrayed. The muzzle blast on this with the 4-5″ barrel would be enormous.