Here’s a briefing sheet that went along with a briefing to the characters regarding the history of Kobol. This is, of course, specific to our campaign, so feel free to ignore it — but it also shows what can happen when youtake the bit and run in a different direction than “canon.”

History of Post-Exodus Kobol

Analysts: Gaius Baltar, PhD — Colonial Science Minister; Ambra Gallardo, PhD — Chief Astronomer, Galactica

Based on ELINT and SIGINT collected by the ships of the fleet, and the data recovered from Basestar 32, the intelligence compartment of Gaactica, in conjunction with the science ministry, has gleaned certain facts about the history of Kobol from the time of the Exodus of the 12 Colonies to current day.

BF is Before Fall, or the year of C Day.

~2200BF: The Thirteenth Tribe flees Kobol ahead of the War between Man and Gods. They settle on a place called Earth.

~2200-2100BF: War between Man (those rejecting the leadership of the Lords of Kobol) and the Gods. The population of Kobol is seriously reduced.

~2000BF: Arrival of “the Blaze” — an “angry, jealous god” — who we now believe to be the Lord of Kobol, Hades, returned from his efforts to find the Titans to aid in the war.

The Twelve Tribes of Man flee to the Colonies. The trip takes almost six months.

~2000-1500BF: Collapse of Kobol civilization and rise of the Blaze. Rules from the Tower of Dis.

Population of Kobol about 6 million — about 0.01% of pre-war levels. Pogroms of polytheists reduces this to a million or so. Tech level collapses to about TL2-3 (Iron Age.)

The Blaze was apparently not “present” through most of this period.

~1500-1000BF: Slow development of Kobol civilization to TL5 (industrial revolution). Humanism and religious schisms.

991BF: Creation of the Holy Kobolian Empire.

978-765BF: Religious wars between monotheists, polytheists, atheists, etc. Rise to TL6 (Advanced industrial revolution.)

789BF: Creation of the Republic of Cumae.

764-760BF: First World War. Destruction of HKE .

760BF: Establishment of multiple new countries in HKE territory.

760-700: Rise to TL8 (Information Age.) First spacecraft launched. Population rises to ~2 billion.

697BF: Small scale nuclear war between Soldiers of the One and Cumae. Destruction of most large political entities. Collapse of population to 500 million. Drop to TL5-6

509BF: Return of the Blaze and the Gift of “the Twelve”, also known as “Seraphs.”

508-500BF: Resistance to the Twelve. Population drops to 160 million. Establishment of the Rule of the Seraph (the Twelve.)

509-450: Rise to TL9 (Microscale engineering and early space travel.) Discovery of signals from The Twelve Colonies.

440BF: Development of the jump drive: TL10.

430-400BF: First of the Seeks — looking for other human settlements.

425BF: Discovery of the Twelve Colonies. The political situation is deemed too volatile to intervene.

401BF: Discovery of the remains of the Pleiades Colonies of Man. Recovery of the Aurelian Prophesies.

375BF: Rise to TL11. Development of the Cylons — cybernetic servants for the Seraph.

350-300BF: The Second Seek (for Earth.) Unsuccessful. All vessels lost.

299-200BF: The Third Seek.

299-250BF: First introduction of monotheism into the Colonies by Kobolian agents.

276BF: Discovery of New Ophiuchi — a small colony of the 13th Tribe.

275-200BF: “Recovery” of the Ophiuchi settlers.

250BF: Loss of Seekers to possible location of Earth.

120-55BF: Involvement in the establihsment of Soldiers of the One and other monotheist groups, including the Eleusinians, in the Twelve Colonies.

Seraph involvement in the development of the Cylon.

52-40BF: YR1947-59 — The First Cylon War.

40BF: Seraphs stop the First Cylon War to save Mankind.

39-30BF: Incorporation of the remaining Colonial Cylons into Kobolian society.

18-1BF: Third Recovery of the Twelve Tribes — influencing Colonial society and preparation for possible war.

17BF: Assassination of President Guderian before Cylon infiltration can be revealed.

5BF: Replacement of Lord Lucan and insertion of Seraphs into Colonial society in an attempt to prevent war.

1BF: Operation UNDERTOW and discovery of Cylon infiltration. Seraph realize war in imminent and decide to move early on “recovering” the Twelve Tribes, hoping to force them to Kobol and submission to the Blaze.

THE FALL OF MAN: Cylon attacks on the Twelve Colonies. Galactica leads a rag tag fleet to safety.

C+64: Battle of the Blaze. Major Crius Muir, an oracle and CAG of Galactica, leads two and ten vipers to strike at the Enemy through the fire. The Blaze disappears without warning after Muir rams the “Ship of Light” with his fighter. The Cylons flee the field and no contact is made until C+77.

C+66: Caprica 6 releases the centurions from behavioral control. 60-70% of the centurions revolt against the Seraph.

C+67-70: Spread of the Cylon Revolt in the fleet.

C+70…: Cylon Civil War (Second Resistance to the Seraph.)

C+77: Discovery of Basestar 32. Intelligence on Cylon strengths, location of the Tomb of Athena, and other important strategic finds in Colonial hands.

Battle of Kobol between Cylon fleets. At least 14 basestars engaged in combat with each other.

C+105: Operation PARTHENON — Colonial mission to find the “map to Earth” from the Tomb of Athena.