Recently, in our Battlestar Galactica campaign, the characters made the trip to Kobol (the notes on the episode here) in which they “find” the Lady of Kobol, Athena, in addition to the map to Earth. Using her “coffin” — actually a highly sophisticated 3D printer for biotechnology — an injured and dying character was transformed into the Olympian goddess of war.

Genetically-engineered by the TITANs thousands of years ago, the Lords of Kobol had been modeled on the Greek myths of Old Earth. The idea was to capitalize on the archetypes as leaders for the human race that the Titans recreated on Kobol long after destroying the Earth (and those that inhabited it) they were created on.

ATHENA possesses all the “memories” of the stories and myths surrounding her namesake, as well as her various incarnations since she was created by the Titans. These were stored in the genetic code of robust virii that were stored in the Arrow of Apollo after the last living version committed suicide in shame over the Olympians’ inability to protect Mankind from the Blaze, and their own creeping dementia.

She was reactivated when the crew of Galactica found her tomb, and a security program identified them as friendly. She used the body mass of the critically injured Colonel Aeria Evripidi to remake herself. Pressed for time and under attack by Cylon forces, Athena chose not to remake herself, but rather “improve” on Evripidi so that she could be in action as quickly as possible. Once resurrected, she claims her purpose is to aid the Colonials in locating the Earth and the 13th Tribe, but also to get them past the “Guardians of Earth”, as they will know her.

Athena suffered intense pain as the virus used to rewrite Evripidi’s genetic code did its work. She still resembles the woman, although her appearance is expected to change slowly over time, but genetically she is a Lord of Kobol. Athena is preternaturally intelligent, a master of recursive thinking and strategic planning; and physically is strong, fast, and athletic. She possesses many of the memories and skills of Colonel Evripidi, but is a very different creature.

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d8, Strength d8, Vitality d8, Alertness d10, Intelligence d12+d4, Willpower d12; Initiative d8+d10, Life Points **22

ASSETS: **Goddess of War & Wisdom d6 (Adds to Perception-based tests), Immunity to Disease d8, **Physical Exemplar d10 (Adds to all physical tests, Quick Healer d8, So Say We All d6

COMPLICATIONS: Divine Purpose d12, Insatiable Curiosity d6, Multiple Personalities d6, Overconfident d4, Uncanny d4

SKILLS: Artistry d4, Athletics d6, Covert d4, Craft d6, Discipline d6 [Leadership d10], Guns d6, Influence d6, Knowledge d6, Mechanical Engineering d6, Melee Combat d6 [Spear d8], Perception d6 [Tactics d12], Perfrom d4, Pilot d6, Survival d4, Technical Engineering d6, Unarmed Combat d6 [Brawling d8]

AEGIS ARMOR: Move 4W to stun, ignore all stun. Design is lightweight with HUD in helmet.

SPEAR: Damage d6W, Range [thrown] 15 yards [18 for Athena]; Energy Weapon Damage: d10W, Range 200 yards, Ammo unknown

**These Assets are much wider in scope than traditional Cortex Assets to cover the supranatural nature of these creatures. Rather than using the scaling rules from the Cortex Core rulebook, I decided cribbing a page from Cortex Plus might work better here. I was on the fence about adding the Physical Exemplar to the Life Points, but decided to give her the same benefit as Tough d8.

Recall this is a “watered down” version of the original. Pressed for time, instead of remaking herself, Athena used what she could as a framework. We’ve already seen corpses of the Lords or at least their spawn through the campaign. they were often between 6’6″ and 7’2″ tall with muscle and bone mass half again that of a normal person. An actual Lord of Kobol would be (and should be) awe-inspiring to say the least.