After a week off for the holidays, a couple of simmering plot thread finally came together tonight. Between the president having been sick and uninvolved, the interfleet gang war that left the Salamir Cartel in charge of the black market, the loss of important characters on Kobol (and the finding of Lord of Kobol — Athena — inhabiting the daughter of the heretofore unknown head of the cartel), the putting Boomer and another turncoat Cylon back in uniform, and the discovery that the fleet has been working with a faction of the humanoid Cylons running from the centurions…one of the player’s black marketeers staged a violent coup d’etat, while a simultaneous mutiny is going on aboard Galactica.

The set up involved the shooting of a well-liked madam and matchmaker on Cloud 9 (where our government resided…seriously, politicians wouldn’t live on the nicest ship in the fleet?) The investigation starts chasing the murder suspect, who is the main fixer for the Salamir, and was eliminating a person that knew their plans. The cops are sidetracked by a corrupt officer and are not there when the action goes down in the quorum chambers.

Meanwhile, Galactica‘s mutineers — led by the popular, hyper-competent, and thoroughly destroyed by the apocalypse chief engineer — get most of the pilots off the ship in a big combat exercise, sequester the ones they are unsure of, and stage a big fire by the main antenna that requires, in the engineer’s plans, the shutting down of the main power trunks to the antenna. Galactica is suddenly deaf and dumb, and the internal comms go down, as well. The warning about losing comms caused the president to call the quorum — three of whom are coup leaders — together.

While the cops are chasing down the bad guy, he is leading thugs against the quorum security, and the gangster PC, and the two other NPCs, gun down the quorum, but not before there was some serious action hero moments by the 76 year old president, who managed to stab one of the gunmen in the eye and turn his weapon of several of the others. In the end, one coup leader was dead, several of their mooks, and another leader injured, but the other nine quorum delegates were killed.

Next week, we resolve the situation on Galactica