Majestic 12 a bit too fast on the trigger and under the radar for you? Here’s a faction for our upcoming “pilot” game to see if the group is interested in running the Atomic Robo game:

Office of Scientific Intelligence:

Formed out of the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ Strategic Science Division (SSD) in 1946, Office of Scientific Intelligence was the more legitimate face of superscience research and was immediately tied to the new Atomic Energy Commission with the passage of the McMahon Act. The “theft” of their science division led the intelligence and military community to push Majestic 12 on the president in 1948.

The SSD had been formed by the Department of War in 1930 in an attempt to recreate some of the developments of Telsa Heavy Industries — specifically Atomic Robo — but also other “superscience” organizations around the world. The focus on research and legitimate scientific inquiry continued throughout the early years of OSI, which would later become conflated with the Air Force organization of the same name. By the late 1960s, however, OSI increasingly shifted from R&D toward intelligence gathering and analysis. Plowing the same ground as MJ12 and Daedalus, OSI was frequently at odds with these groups, particularly as they were not competing for budgeting.

OSI was renamed and the mandate shifted toward more science-related counterintelligence with the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 to become the Division of Energy Research. DER survived the 1977 creation of the Department of Energy, only to be re-renamed in 1992 to the Office of Scientific Intelligence.

US Corps of Engineers’ Strategic Science Division (SSD) — 1930-1946

Mission Statement: Scientia est Victoria (Knowledge is Victory)

Mode: Average (+1); Resources (R&D +3) — after 1942-1946: Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (Transport +4, Armory +3)

Office of Scientific Investigations — 1946-1974

Mission Statement: Protecting the Nation Through Science!

Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (R&D +4, Transport +3) — after 1960 (R&D +4, Intel +3)

Division of Energy Research — 1975-1992

Mission Statement: The Secret Sword of Science!

Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (Intel +4, R&D +3)

Office of Scientific Intelligence — since 1992

Mission Statement: On the forefront of science!

Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (Intel +4, R&D+3)