This week’s game session saw our fleet discover the remains of a Kobolian outpost from millenia before the 13th Tribe decamped. The place is identifed by ATHENA as Argos, one of the colony worlds set up in the Olympians’ attempts to find the Titans that made them. The place is abandoned — cities standing empty and in collapse. There are plants and animals on the planet, however, and the idea of setting down and letting the grieving Colonials get some respite is quickly gaining popularity. The characters had been thinking of leaving the civilian fleet here with some protection so that they could race ahead to Earth to scout that world.

They do reconnaissance of the world and find the place deserted…except for the massive complex in a mountain range up against a glacier. Scouting the location, which they haven’t been able to get good data on due to a weather event, the scout raptor is shot down, and it’s viper escort nearly dropped, as well. They spot a SAM site with centurions operating it, and a heavy raider launched to escape. One of the characters does a strafing run that takes out the SAM site, and eventually drops the heavy raider before it can jump.

The SAR mission includes some of the humanoid Cyln (Seraph) who access the mind of one of the dead centurions and find out they’ve been assigned to 1) find any recoverable data — the Kobolians (Olympians, whatever…) store their data in DNA because it is more robust than optical or magnetic storage; millennia is easily possible. 2) There are other missions like this to other Kobolian outposts, and they were 3) given the mission by a massive, darkly-handsome man Athena identifies as Hades. Their nemesis is still alive.

Worse, he’s looking for a Titan body — a “ship of lights” — to inhabit. They now know the Blaze is alive, apparently in physical form, and is waiting at a world, New Ophiuchi (the Ophiucans were the 13th Tribe, in our game) for the scouts.

There were several action sequences as they explored the Olympian citadel — a massive, 50-story arcology — and in the end they discovered not just data storage, but DNA samples of some of the Olympians that had remained behind after whatever happened…happened.

They’ve figured that the Cylons that were here were on an indefinite assignment, and are thinking of having the civilian fleet remain and do harvesting on the world, while they race to New Ophiuchi and deal with Hades.

This is leading toward the denouement of the campaign much quicker than I had anticipated.