With the new year now kicked off and our Battlestar Galactica  game in the final stretch, I’ve been hardening my choices for running a game after the end of Galactica and the main contenders are:

Atomic Robo — It’s Fate, but I like the ability to do a variety of genres under the banner of pulp adventure. The idea is to have a modern team whose adventures spur a flashback period adventure that will ultimately affect what the modern team is doing. I can do ’30s pulp, WWII action in the Captain America vein, 1950s-80s Cold War spy-fi, with some ’70s blacksploitation and ’80s Miami Vice vibe, 1990s computers and rogue states spy-fi, and 2000s terrorism stuff with a science backdrop.

Space: 1889 — Having pretty much given up on seeing the Revelations of Mars book for Hollow Earth Expedition anytime in the near future, I’m looking at this old classic. I haven’t run this setting in over a decade and I kinda miss it. Now the question is if I use the Ubiquity rules from Chronicle City, or Cortex, which the group likes and is used to from Battlestar Galactica.

Playtesting of a certain new version of a certain spy game named for a certain British superspy — I’m looking at getting to playtesting of Double Aught this year. The campaign might revolve around a private intelligence and security agency that gets hired by governments to do the stuff they can afford to get caught doing.

On top of these choice, one of our number is supposed to be running a supernatural horror game.

On to the next adventure!