Tonight was one of those nights where it seems nothing and way too much happened in the game. We continued on from the last session where the fleet had found an old colony world of the Kobolians, Argos. They investigated, retrieved some DNA-based data storage, including the DNA and mind-states of six Lords of Kobol. Their resident lord, Athena, is unsure they should reconstitute them. She doesn’t think that waking thousands of years later to their culture destroyed will make these “gods” each to manage.

But they also have two other big problems: Argos is a habitable world for a tired fleet. The civilians are ready to give it a go on this uninhabited, but habitable world. The civilians want to stop. The second: they have found out the Blaze — Hades — escaped the destruction of Kobol and is regrouping with the remnants of his Cylon followers at a nearby world the humanoid Cylons (Seraph, as they are now known) “recovered” 200 years ago by force. A recon mission shows four basestars, and on the surface, Hades’ commandstar (a super-basestar, if you will.) He is conducting some kind of operation at the ruins of a large city centered on a huge skyscraper. Athena thinks he might have a shard of a Titan (a Ship of Lights) hidden there.

There was a lot of character interaction, including a dream sequence for the Leoben-ish character, who dreams of a great battle under the three faces of Hecate between centurions and Seraph on both sides, and Athena and Hades. In the end, Athena reveals herself to be an angelic creature — wings and all — who burns away Hades (and everyone else.)

A plan of attack is formed. They had established that the Cylons can imprint new memories and consciousness on those Seraph bodies still in storage on the resurrection ship. Also, their recon vessels are not being identified by the Cylons at the Blaze’s rally point; the centurions cannot tell the humanoids apart. Athena is going to implant new Seraph with the memories of her fellow lords, slip into Hades area of operations on the ground, and stop him before he can recover the shard and either become a real threat again, or worse…if it’s from Hecate’s body, possibly attempt to break causality (the only real immutable law of existence) which could go so far as to unmake everything.

Meanwhile, the fleet — Galactica leading Cygnus, their pocket escort, and Basestar 19 — will hit the Cylons in orbit and when the time is right, nuke the grounded commandstar. If they pull this off, they destroy the Blaze forever, and end the Sacred Cycle once and for all.

To do this, they are taking the massive risk of leaving the civilians at Argos, with only a few squadrons of rebel raiders and heavy raiders for protection.

Monday: the denouement of a four year long campaign.