Something I’m cooking up for the 1950 and 1970s period of our Atomic Robo game:


The wheelman is an expert with a vehicle (usually car, truck, boat…) and is often hired to get people in and out of a mission safely. The thought here is to emulate the bootlegger turned racer or getaway driver.

Skills: Contacts, Mechanic, Notice, Vehicles

Improvements: Specialize two trained skills.

Sample Stunts:

Duck in That Alley!: For a Fate Point, use Vehicle instead of Stealth to hide from a pursuer.

Just a Good Ol’ Boy: +2 with Vehicle skill to create an advantage when attempting a fancy stunt.

Peddle to the Metal: +1 to vehicle test when overcoming in a chase.

Rev’ It: Use Vehicle instead of Provoke when in a vehicle.

She’ll Hold Together: The vehicle driven has an Armor: 2.