So I’ve been prepping up an Atomic Robo game over the last few months, but really threw myself into it a few weeks ago when it was obvious that our Battlestar Galactica campaign was coming to a close. I wanted to emulate the flashbacks-tied-to-modern-story flavor of the comic…but without using Robo, so I decided to do up characters for each of the decades between the 1930s and today. The modern group is working for the following faction:

Office of Scientific Intelligence, a DoD operation that was spun out of a superscience group under the US Army Corps of Engineers during WWII.

Mission Statement: On the forefront of science!   Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (Intel +4, R&D+3)

The team leader:

Agent Craig Scott

Concept Aspect: Smooth Operator; Omega Aspect: Getting too old for this…

MODES: Secret Agent +3 — Contacts, Deceive +5, Burglary, Notice, Stealth, Vehicles +4; Aspect: Keeping the World Safe…Quietly.

Banter +2 — Rapport, Will +3; Aspect: I can talk myself into trouble, then out in a sentence…

Intrigue +1; Aspect: I used to be good at this…

STUNTS: (1 open)

Cover Story: Use deceive to defend against mental attacks during interrogation.; Director’s Personal Number: When in a new city/country/etc., Contacts v. +4 to gain an aspect from the contact with a free invoke. Can trade the free invoke for a 2nd aspect.; Service Weapon (SIG-Sauer P228): +1 combat with the weapon, Weapon 1.; Trained Assassin: Use stealth for physical combat when the target is unaware of you.

Stresses — Physical: 2, Mental: 5

Dr. Rafael “Rafe” Marquez

Concept Aspect: Hunky Doctor; Omega Aspect: Knowledge is its own reward.

MODES: Science! +3 — Genetics, Medicine +5, Notice, Will: +4; Aspect: Johns Hopkins…’nuf said.

Action +2 — Athletics +3; Aspect: Weekend Fitness Nut

Banter +1; Aspect: I do okay…

STUNTS: 1 open

Feel the Burn: 1/issue, take a consequence to add that value to a physical test; Medical Bag: +1 to step back a consequence with Medicine skill; One Raised Eyebrow: +2 empathy to defeat lies; Publish or Perish: Can invoke a brainstorm he created at +3

STRESSES — Physical: 3, Mental: 4

Dr. Paul Koch

Concept Aspect: Underestimated Genius; Omega Aspect: Truth is stranger than we know.

MODES: Science! +3 — Biochemistry, Cryptobiology, Notice +5; Aspect: Thin Line between science fact and science fiction

Action +2; Aspect: Being a hero is tough…

Intrigue +1; Aspect: Secrets are hard…

STUNTS: 1 open

Red Eye Radio: When gaining an aspect from a contact, invoke is free or can exchange a free invoke for an extra aspect.; Shake It Off: 1/scene, can check to physical stress boxes and add the values, then absorb that many shifts of damage; Synergy: with a Fate Point, use Notice for any science skill for 1 scene; Publish or Perish: When invoking a brainstorm aspect he created, get +3.

Agent James Crille

Concept Aspect; Action Engineering!; Omega Aspect: In it for the fun.

MODES: Martial Artist +3 — Notice +5, Athletics, Combat, Physique, Will +4; Aspect: At one with the violence.

Science! +2 — Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering +4; Aspect: Right tool for the right job.

Action +1; Aspect: Parkour, bitches!


Feel the Burn: 1/issue, take a consequence to add that value to a physical test; Multi-tool: +1 to create/overcome with engineering; Numbers Cruncher: With a Fate Point, use Will for a cience skill for 1 scene; Parkour: +1 to create/overcome aspect with Athletics; Shake It Off: 1/scene, check two physical stress boxes and add values then absorb that number of shifts of damage.

STRESSES — Physical: 4, Mental: 3

Agent Mala Kapoor

Concept Aspect: Tech Industry Refugee; Omega Aspect: My gender shouldn’t matter!

MODES: Science! +3 — Cybernetics, Robotics +5, Notice, Will +4; Sufficiently Advanced Technology

Intrigue +2 — Contacts, Deceive +3; Aspect: I survived tech sector politics.

Banter +1 — Rapport +2; Forgiveness is easier than permission.


I’m In!: 1 fate point to use computer science instead of burglary for one scene; Laptop of Doom!: +1 create/overcome aspect with computer science; Numbers Cruncher: 1 fate point to use Will for a science skill for one scene; Publish or Perish: When using a brainstorm asepct she created, gain +3; The Girls’ Club: In a new city, country, etc. Contacts v. +4 to gain a contact-based aspect with free invoke. Can trade free invoke for a second aspect.

STRESSES — Physical: 3, Mental: 4