Some of the characters done up for the WWII flashbacks for the upcoming campaign…

Captain John Nolan, USAR

Nolan commands a small team of “action scientists” in Echo Company, of the Strategic Science Division of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Much of E Co.’s work had been in Europe, but with the Germans out of the fight, they find themselves facing the notorious Japanese Unit 723 and their Division X!

Concept Aspect: Combat Engineer; Omega Aspect: When all this is over…

MODES — Soldier +3: Notice +5, Athletics, Combat, Physique, Tactics, Vehicles, Will +4; Aspect: Violence First, Science Later

Science! +2: Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer +3; Aspect: Been on some big projects…

Action +1; Aspect: From a Tough Neighborhood

STUNTS: Battlefield Commander: Any of his team that can hear his order gain +2 when put in harm’s way; Remember your Training: Get +3 when invoking enemy’s aspect or complications; This is My Rifle: +2 to combat with military weapons; This is my Gun (Thompson .45): Weapon 2; Shake It Off!: 1/scene, check two physical stress boxes and add values; soak this number of shifts physical harm.

STRESSES: Physical: 4, Mental: 3

Lieutenant Sebastian Koch, USAR

Concept Aspect: Enthusiastic New Guy; Omega Aspect: Is that a German Accent?

MODES — Science! +3: Biology, Will +5, Chemistry, Notice, Zoology +4; Aspect: ABD, Scrips Institute

Action +2: Athletics, Provoke +3; Aspect Family Escaped the Nazis in ’38

Banter +1; Well-Educated

STUNTS: Charismatic: Use Will for a Banter skill to overcome in social conflict; Chicago Typewriter: +1 combat with the weapon, Weapon 1; Grew Up Around Boats: +2 Vehicle to create/overcome aspect with boats in a chase; Publish or Perish: Gains +3 when using a brainstorm aspect he created; Widely Read: Fate point to use Will for a science skill for one scene.

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 3

Lieutenant Reed Smith, USN

The young and handsome commander of a PT boat put at the SSD’s disposal.

Concept Aspect: PT Boat Commander; Omega Aspect: First Heroics, Then Politics!

MODES — Officer +3: Athletics, Combat, Contacts, Notice, Physique, Vehicles, Will +4; Aspect: Sailed the America’s Cup

Banter +2: Provoke +3; Aspect: Rhode Island Royalty

Action +1; Played Football for Yale

STUNTS: Just a Little Chop: +2 Vehicles to overcome in bad weather; Passionate Orator: Use Will for Banter skill when addressing a large group; She’ll Hold together: Any vehicle he pilots gains an Armor 2; Skull & Bones: When in a new place, Contacts v. +4 to create a contact-based aspect. Can trade a free invoke for a second aspect;

MEGA-STUNT — PT-111 (“Trip Aces”): Function: PT Boat; Flaw; Limited Range; Aspects: Torpedo Boat — Weapon 4; Weapon 5 at a cost; Fast B*@#$: +2 to overcome with a vehicle in a chase.

STRESSES:  Physical: 4, Mental: 4

AMM3 Leslie Rook, WAVES

Concept Aspect: Ms. Fix-It; Omega Aspect: Just as good as a man!

MODES — Gearhead +3: Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering +5, Electrical Engineering, Vehicles, Will +4; Aspect: Machines are Easy, People are Hard!

Banter +2: Provoke +3; Sugar & Spice, and Everything Documented

Action +1; Mean Right Hook.

STUNTS: Chewing Gum & Bailing Wire: Fate point reduces vehicle consequence 1 step for  one scene, but consequence increases two steps after until recovery; Improvisational Genius: 1 free benie on create/modify an invention or vehicle; Girls Talk: When in a new post, Contacts v. +4 to have a contact-based aspect, can trade free invoke for a second aspect; She’ll Hold Together: Any vehicle she worked or works on has an Armor 2; Tool Kit: +1 to create/overcome with engineering.

STRESSES: Physical: 2, Mental: 3