Blaxploitation time!

Napoleon Jones

Concept Aspect: Undercover Brother; Omega Aspect: I Ain’t No Sell Out!

MODES: Martial Artist +3: Athletics, Combat, Notice +5, Physique, Stealth: +4, Will +3; Aspect: Bad-Ass Mutha f@#$er

Action +2: Provoke +3; Aspect: When you need me, I’ll be there…

Intrigue +1; Brother can’t be too sure…

STUNTS: Dragon Style: +1 combat in hand-to-hand, Weapon 1; Jive Talkin’: Use Will for Deceive or Rapport when “being bad.”; Lightning Reflexes: Go first in combat; Pain Ain’t Nothin’: 1/scene, check two physical stress and add, soak that value of physical harm; Ten-Oxen Punch: Fate point to break inanimate object

STRESSES: Physical: 4, Mental 5

Harry Milquetoast

Concept Aspect: Gentleman Spy; Aspect: Queen and Country

MODES: Banter +3: Contacts, Deceive, Provoke, Will +4; Aspect: Manners Maketh the Man

Action +2: Notice, Vehicles +3; Aspect: Judo Expert

Secret Agent +2; Aspect: This Requires the Greatest Discretion

STUNTS: Black Umbrella: +2 Combat using ‘brawley; Could You Help Me?: Use Deceive for Combat to attack unsuspecting opponent; Judo Black Belt: When defending with Combat, a success with style give a three shift hit to opponent; Signature Aspect: Britain’s Top Agent; Tech Sent This…: 1/volume can spend a Fate point to have a Mega-Stunt gadget limited to Contacts rating.

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 4

…and his sidekick…

“Coco Pebbles” Post

Concept Aspect: Breakin’ Barriers; Omega Aspect: I Ain’t Nobobdy’s Squeeze!

MODES: Banter +3: Contacts, Deceive, Provoke +4; Aspect: I Know a Guy…

Secret Agent +2: Notice, Vehicles +3; Aspect: I’m kinda new at this…

Action +1; Aspect: Kung-Fu Mama

STUNTS: ‘fro Pick: +1 combat, Weapon 1; Funky Kung-Fu: When defending with Combat, a success w/ style give opponent a 3 shift physical hit; I Don’t always Get Captured: A fate point allows her to concede after a defense; Impeccable Timing: Fate point to go next in combat;

MEGA-STUNT: Where’d You Hide That?: +2 to defend against search when in tight or revealing clothing; a Fate point allows her to have either 1) a small gadget to add +1 to a skill to overcome/create and advantage 1/scene OR, 2) have a Weapon 1 for 1 scene.

STRESSES: Physical: 2, Mental: 4